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The early 1950s were boom years for chlorophyll. Hailed as a miracle odor-buster, it was added to everything from cigarettes to dish soap, as Tedium's Ernie Smith reports. While the '50s fad eventually fizzled, pseudoscience profiteers are behind a resurgence of chlorophyll in everything from skin care products to anti-cancer treatments.
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I remember wheatgrass everywhere, then spirulina, and what now, grass fed collagen?
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I remember getting chlorophyll foot powder in the 80s because I had very bad adolescent foot odor. It genuinely helped.
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Sounds like something Sawbones would cover.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The particulars change from decade to decade, but the marketing tactics remain essentially unchanged since the days of literal snake oil.
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Clorets! I just took it on faith that chlorophyll freshened breath. In fact, one of the first times I ever smoked weed, I figured I'd eliminate the smell by chewing grass on my walk home.
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My mother remembers this period of the 50s to me with something of an eye-roll. I'd never read about it, just remember her saying that it was the hip new pseudoscience fad like radium before it and anti-oxidants after.
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I remember wheatgrass everywhere, then spirulina, and what now, grass fed collagen?

Celery Juice.
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Wow I was sitting here mistaking chlorophyll for chloroform and was deeply confused.
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The best tasting gum of all time was Tident Chlorophyll. Widely available in Canada I randomly found a box of it 6 years after it was discontinued in a gas station in the lower mainland. I bought the lot and didn't save a stick. It was a little minty.
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I remember Clorets, bonobothegreat!

Weird paper [Front. Physiol. 2018] (mice, artificially induced liver damage), but oral chlorophyllin via ad libitum drinking water "rebalanced" gut microbiota (less Firmicutes, more Bacteroidetes - "good" gut bacteria) and ameliorated the artificially induced liver fibrosis (scarring from chronic inflammation) - so maybe not totally snake oil.

But yeah, all those other historic claims - bogus.

I also remember trying Spirulina back in the 80's - tasted terrible. Later, I read somewhere that it's completely devoid of omega-3 fatty acids.
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