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Salmon declines prompt First Nation to take Canada to court over fish farms

In an unprecedented move, the Dzawada’enuzw nation is claiming in court that farming Atlantic salmon — which often carry disease — in their traditional waters constitutes a violation of Aboriginal rights

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And here I thought I was going to see an actual Atlantic salmon declining a prompt to do something in protest.

(Thanks for posting on this important story).
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I wish them well with this.
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Good. Not good about the salmon decline and the fish farming. I wonder if there will be a tipping point in Canadian legislature around nations' claims to title. It seems incredibly fucked up that nations have to prove their claim to their own land in a settler court of law, and I know this is nothing new, and nothing surprising that it's not a more well-known thing, but still. I hope they can get the fish farms off their territory.
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Fun fact: the Narwhale was formerly DeSmog Canda, which received funding from Tides Canada; Tides is often accused of being a "foreign influence" in Canada.

Indeed, almost any environmental group now is accused of being "funded by foreigners". CBC News -- just a shadow of what it used to be, and apparently with no particular progressive agenda whatsoever -- just ran an "investigative report" on "foreign influence" in Canada.

This is the state of things in Canada: reactionary politics that care more about building pipelines of all dumb things than anything else. Except for photo ops, of course.
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I wonder if there will be a tipping point in Canadian legislature around nations' claims to title.

It is both a political and a Constitutional problem. On top of that, indigenous land claims are not discrete, but instead overlap. Whoever stole the land from First Nations in the first place fucked things up big time.
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