Why should journalists have all the fun?
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On the website Poynter, The top 10 tools for journalism in 2018 (and 10 other things to bookmark) has published a really useful collection of websites. Some of the ones that caught my eye include a free audio clip generator (Headliner), a transcription tool (Otter), a project flowchart (Should I Do This Project?), and coffee shop noises — apparently it's the sounds, not the caffeine that make you productive (Coffitivity).
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These are great!

For investigative journalists, some of the following tool collections might also be helpful:

First Draft’s verification toolbox

Julia Bayer’s verification toolset

Bellingcat’s online investigation toolkit

Craig Silverman’s verification and digital investigation resources

All taken from Fiete Stegers’ Medium post.

Via the @quiztime bot on twitter, which posts multiple investigation challenges each week, mostly geolocations.
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Wow, the combo of Descript and Otter sounds literally too good to be true. I'll have to sling some samples at 'em.

Regarding password managers, I posted an AskMe query in Feb 2018, seeking escape from 1PW. This winter, I finally came across enpass, which, while not perfect and not as polished as 1PW, at least does not have subscription-based pricing.
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Oh, and not mentioned but used by me a lot to get info out of personal docs that originated as PDFs is Tabula, which has been around for years. It's intended allow you to grab spreadsheet-style numbers out of PDFs so that you can put the numbers back to work for your purposes.
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For focus that's better than coffitivity, this chrome extension for soma.fm is great. Drone Zone is my favorite.
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