The Mamas and the Papas: How two Ottawa couples became co-parents
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Article and CBC radio piece on how two Canadian queer couples had a child together (and have another on the way.) Ontario’s All Families Are Equal law allows for up to four parents to be listed on a birth certificate.
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Zora and her soon-to-be-born sibling are very lucky--they have four loving parents, all committed to putting their children's well-being first. What a lovely story!
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I saw this title and thought it was about the band and was really confused for a bit.
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Don't tell the current premier of Ontario. I'm sure if he were aware of this he'd act to change the law.
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Back in the 90’s here in San Francisco, a met a couple of couples, where one of the guys in the male couple donated sperm to one of the women in the female couple and they had one of best kids I ever met. He was 2 and a half. The two couples shared a huge Victorian and had a fifth person who was a roommate. This lucky kid had five loving parents including the roommate. What could be better?
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Don't tell the current premier of Ontario. I'm sure if he were aware of this he'd act to change the law.

Enough Constitutional precedent here that Dog Food for the People can't really do anything, although I suppose there is always the Notwithstanding clause, which is actually pretty frequently used by governments in Canada. In this case, however, there would be a political price to pay in the next election.

I do know that about three or four years ago BC made it possible to list three parents on a birth certificate, in recognition of the role sperm donors play in FF marriages with children.
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This was delightful to read. Thanks, OP!
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I don’t envy their trips to the passport office ... imagine getting four people in one government office on multiple occasions spanning decades! Lovely story and family.
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All parents have to sign the form but I’m pretty sure I got my kids’ passports just myself. Imagine 4 parents to take turns for all the appointments, that’s awesome:)
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So much happiness in this story. I wish all of them the very best.
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This was my parents decades ago. I daydream about getting a 'corrected' birth certificate that reflects my actual family but most of them have died and I'm a full grown adult and it was in Quebec and I don't live there anymore so... I imagine it must be incredibly validating. Also practical. Feeling kind of sad and wistful and very proud of my parents for being so far ahead of their time.
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