The Bicycle Thief
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Oh wow, I didn't realize Tom Justice was a real person! I only knew of him from this superb and devastating song by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.
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Me, upon reading a story of a guy with a lot of promise who not only threw it all away but even threw away his ill-gotten gains: wow, that sounds like it was a really sweet bike.
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My one moment of incredulity in this story was that he left his bike unlocked when he went into the bank and it wasn't stolen when he came out... 26 times
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Is this a real life Thomas Crown or an odd mental illness?
posted by sammyo at 3:33 PM on January 31, 2019

Oh, in Flint, the bike is used in like 48℅ of getaway, drive-up robbery and a few drive-bys but not at drive-thrus or drive-ups.

I want a 'Bike of Folding'. +3 leather bag for storage. 70% save vs.magic.
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This guy seems like a candidate for the New Yorker cartoon caption.
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Tom, Tom -- why didn't anybody ever teach you that robbing shareholders is so much more lucrative? And they never even prosecute white guys for doing it.
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Subject of a great Love + Radio episode in 2014 (which was adapted from a 99pi episode).
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Well, shit. That's certainly the most jaw-dropping 'where are they now?' story I've read. Tom and I shared a passion for cycling in high school, albeit my focus was multi-state slogs during summer break while he was tearing it up on the racing circuit. Bummer to hear that circumstances sidelined his true potential.

devrim and jamjam: your comments are inaccurate and invalid.
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Ride it like you stole it
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I'm not sure what "circumstances" could have to do with this, unless perhaps "circumstances" is code for "getting off on the thrill of committing felonies"
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stevil, I knew I’d heard a podcast about this but couldn’t find it!
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I want to see the Hell Or High Water meets Breaking Away movie adaptation of this story directed by All The Real Girls era David Gordon Green
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Solipsism combined with nihilism, what a weird story.
posted by deadwax at 3:28 AM on February 1, 2019

Interesting story. What gets me is how little money there is to be had by robbing average banks. You'll basically have to be robbing them at a steady pace to keep up with expenses.
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The first time I saw Tom was on the second floor of the student center at SIU. I was reading and just about to leave when he sat down at a piano and started playing. He played well and I stayed to listen until he finished. He was in a few of my classes (I was a philosophy major) and we hung around with some of the same people.

Fast forward to Portland ten or so years later, and I saw him at a mutual friend's house. He had driven up from Oakland in his yellow Mercedes. He seemed really distracted as we tried to make small talk. A few months later, I found out he had been arrested.

The mutual friend is still in touch with Tom and swears he's a great guy.
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