The King Lives!
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The King Lives! Elvis is back on top of the United Kingdom Singles chart with the remix of "A Little Less Conversation". This is Elvis' 17th UK #1 moving him past the Beatles for the most ever. In other news, Disney's Lilo and Stitch features an Elvis imitating alien. All this is in advance of the 25th Anniversary of the King's Passing, which will be commemorated with an RCA album "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits", which is to include all #30 of Elvis' hits internationally. The King Truly Lives!
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If I have my way, I'll be able to see Bruce Campbell bring the King back to life as a mummy fighting rest home resident in Bubba Ho-Tep
posted by malphigian at 11:11 AM on June 19, 2002

Disney’s Lilo And Stitch also features Tia Carrere. Who needs Elvis when you have Tia?
posted by tepidmonkey at 11:30 AM on June 19, 2002

Soderbergh used "A Little Less Conversation" to great effect in Ocean's 11. Nice.
posted by sbgrove at 12:29 PM on June 19, 2002

I think that it is in some sort of soccer/football ads running on the world cup games.
posted by donkeymon at 12:33 PM on June 19, 2002

NPR's story includes links to both versions.
posted by yerfatma at 1:00 PM on June 19, 2002

I hear he has left the building.
posted by y2karl at 1:14 PM on June 19, 2002

Who needs Elvis when you have Tia?

My gut reaction was, 'ME!'
I'm going to find a quiet room and do some serious thinking now. Please, tell me I'm normal.
posted by stuporJIX at 1:14 PM on June 19, 2002

oh wow a bubbah ho tep movie? with bruce cambell?!!? WOW! Joe R. Lansdale rocks my socks off.
posted by outsider at 2:54 PM on June 19, 2002

What happens when, the Beatles' Anthology hits #1 on the BBC will they, then regain the title. Is a #1 on BBC fair when you say #1? As IMHO the BBC is government controlled, I like there news. My two cents, I just find it funny to be told some old song is now #1. When it is first put on a play list, w/o being requested. Per the Richard Blade of KROQ LA discussed this in the 80's. And yes he had a video show too. Yet, who is he as he is now in Thomas Island to teach scuba diving.
posted by thomcatspike at 4:52 PM on June 19, 2002

Oh, lighten up. It's a groovy little single.
posted by raysmj at 7:56 PM on June 19, 2002

As IMHO the BBC is government controlled

That's your opinion is it? Hang on to it and cherish it, it's as far from the truth as you are from the BBC.
posted by vbfg at 1:31 AM on June 20, 2002

Yeah, the new Nike adverts where they're playing football in an offshore oilrig has the remix of 'A little less conversation' done by JXL vs. Elvis. It's pretty good.
posted by adrianhon at 4:23 AM on June 20, 2002

I went to the official site to check the songlist and there was some jukebox playing some Elvis hits. When I put on my headphones to listen to it, there was a bizarre chant going on along with the songs, something like "We've got your name, everybody knows, everybody knows, we've got your name...". Two seconds later, I was out of the site. Nice way to protect the copyright. If only the RIAA gets to put this sing-a-long in every new CD released... :-)
posted by rexgregbr at 4:44 AM on June 20, 2002

Ok, I found out what happened and, as always, it's a communication breakdown between my chair and my keyboard. :-)

I usually open each mefi link in a different windows, so I had a window with the link about 'introducing monday' and there was the source of the bizarre, yet strangely addictive, mockery singing.

Still, I think that the RIAA should now hire the Monday consultants about their problem with p2p. :-)
posted by rexgregbr at 5:05 AM on June 20, 2002

sorry I was not baiting, yet I would like to know, as in my post I mentioned a famous DJ in the USA from the 80's who told us this, so I was looking for some truth. And he was a British import who played #1 hits and was one of the first to air them too. In the USA we do not have a one station for all of the USA(that I'm aware of) that plays hits or just good selections, and if I chose to listen to Radio through the net, I'd be listening to a station in LA, and I live in Texas. I guess I should have said this, "is what I was lead to believe." ;)
posted by thomcatspike at 6:01 AM on June 20, 2002

heard the 'laughing version' of love me tender this week on janice long, it is very entertaining. he laughs throughout the song, recorded at las vegas.
i'll take two of whatever he's having, please barman.
posted by asok at 8:16 AM on June 20, 2002

for elvis trivia fans 'a little less conversation' was also shot as part of the NBC '68 comeback special but didn't make it into the show or the album. it's out-take is available on the 'memories' CD.

i was surprised npr didn't mention soderberg/david holmes using it in oceans 11 last summer.

long live the king of rock and roll!!
posted by alfredogarcia at 11:23 AM on June 20, 2002

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