there must be more than one of you, jeffrey
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there must be more than one of you, jeffrey Another outstanding piece on the state of the web from Mr. Z...does this guy ever sleep?
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He doesn't have time to sleep! I admire his well-stated position. Beyond commercial is Community--this is the "new" story for mainstream press reporters. Blogs, bloggers, and a larger view of what's doing in the non-profit web space. Let's work to increase the momentum!
posted by goodhelp at 5:36 PM on May 23, 2000

I think Zeldman has an IV hooked up to him that constantly feeds caffeine straight into his bloodstream...

Oh and about the article: AMEN! You said it all, Jeff. Well, no actually, you only said most of the stuff about the first two points but that's not your fault! There will just have to be a Part Two to the Creative Revolution article.
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Maybe if I stop eating curly fries, I can be as productive as Zeldman... (I just realized they take 32% more time to eat than straight fries).
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Arby's curly fries?
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yeah, but if I may put in my engineering $1e-02 here, isn't the problem with blogs today that the people who have one (I do too, sorta) are either: a) people who got interested in the technology behing blogging (like myself) and/or b) people who already spent a lot of time on the Web, can't find too much interesting stuff, so they go out to create their own (uhh... I guess I fit here too).

But you know what? I don't think these (us) are the people that should be creating content. Writers, poets, painters should be the ones. And how many of them do they know of blogs or 'content networks'? how many more are stuck in an AOL/BigISP way of looking at the web? I dunno, I guess I am pessimistic...
posted by costas at 7:18 PM on May 23, 2000

Oh yeah! Good job JZ!

Of course Rebecca Pranger & Mark Connell is probably wondering why you left out Webbie World, that's a cool reference place for independent websites too. Other than that, Primo Exellente!
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Yeah, yeah, yeah...I just realized that Webbieworld is Mark alone, and Rebecca Pranger was one of his interviewees. I saved him another email and told him I'm a moron ahead of time.....
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Costas, that's correct, you're absolutely right. I'm one of those writer.artist.nethead types you're talking about. More should know about this "content channel" and using it ( or other tools) to create "communities of interest." That's why my previous comment urged commercial writers to do stories on blogging. All phases. Don't be too pessimistic. This is going to be the topic dujour very soon! There's still hope! -- G.
posted by goodhelp at 2:33 PM on May 24, 2000

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