Ease of Use?
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Ease of Use? IBM sends mixed message... see how complicated the instructions are to order this poster.
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I love starting the day with a good guffaw. Thanks.
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Weird that you can download the PDF with two clicks --and imagine, the first click is right on that screen. You can get the free poster easily (as long as you foot the toner bill). But to pay for a poster is hard.
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The real culprit is their pubs ordering system front end, which is an insanely rotted, half-baked and myopically designed hack job. View the source and gape in wonder.

If they knew you were coming from the US, they could actually offer a direct link to purchase the poster. However, the way their international rats-nest is structured, this doesn't work for other countries. In fact, as far as I could see from a random selection, many countries can't order the poster at all.

"Easy to use is easy to say" -- does anyone know whether Jeff Garbers really originated this?
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I tried to order some of these posters a little over a year ago. Once I figured out how to order, the system kept rejecting the order because the product number was wrong. I ended up trading several e-mails with some IBMer in Denmark (apparently this was/is handled out of Denmark) but no one could ever figure out what the correct product number actually should be!
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Kind of makes you wonder how they managed to be so 'efficient' in WW2 Germany.

(Hah! Godwin's Law in six!)
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Geez. You could probably MAKE the poster before you finished ordering it.
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irony is such a beautiful thing. and so are single line posts.
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IBM is the example on the left, correct?
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heheheh...great start to the day. Groovy link. Danke :)
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It has to be a joke! Or the marketing person who caused this chaos needs to be quartered.
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I find it equally disturbing that they put version numbers on posters.
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What? After 4 exceedingly obvious clicks, I was finalizing my order by providing invoice and delivery information...
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As an employee of a "victim" of IBM consulting, I'm not all that surprised...

IBM has a name and a marketing machine... to put it in terms of an automobile, once you look under the hood, you'll find a money vacuum where you should normally see a motor. Slick ads though.
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