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Thought y'all might enjoy some cookstove theory from the Aprovecho Research Center. (pdfs)
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A thin layer of cooking oil will entirely eliminate liquid evaporation. ...and save a huge amount of energy!
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The Rocket Stove developed at Aprovecho is the real deal.
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This all looks cool, but it seems that the site forces downloading the PDFs before you can view them, even in a browser. At least it is for me in Firefox.
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I love rocket stoves. I do not love the fact that designing one to meet a given scenario drives me into a endless rabbit hole of opinion, engineering, materials optimization, pdfs, websites from 2002, lore, raw data, interpreted data, and even the occasional autoplaying MIDI file or moving background on a website.

I'm not being critical of any of the above, I'm really not, it just seems like one of those subjects that falls into the Venn diagram of 1) approachable by lay people, 2) really worthwhile when it comes to academic/economic research and funding, and 3) simple enough but complex as you want it to be. That leads to all of the above I suppose.

Neat links.
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At 98C tho, so if you're actually boiling the water, you're still going to get liquid evaporation.
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Great collection of low carbon wood stoves. I like the ones that make biochar and have really wanted to try a Mimi Moto
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On my list is making a portable rocket stove, possibly augmented with a fan like the Biolite. And also the cinder block/breeze block kind that uses plain old cinder blocks as is piled up in a clever way to make the chimney and firebox out of the existing voids in the blocks.
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