“Tom Nook saying foul things will never not be funny.”
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Sierra Death Generator “There exist a lot of meme generators on the internet, but few are better organized or authentically made than the Death Generator. Created by programmer Foone Turing [@Foone], the open-source tool first began as a generator for death screens from Sierra games, starting with Police Quest 2 in 2017. Turing gets most of his screenshots by actually playing through the games, and he’s now up to dozens of classic titles and newer games alike, from SimCity 2000 to Animal Crossing: Wild World.” [via: The Verge]
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I wanna know if there is a miniboss in You’re Invited To My Baby Shower Zone 3.
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product placement
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Sideshow Richter
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Cameras, surely, The otter lady.
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Thinking of Bowie tonight
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Also thinking of The Dead Milkmen
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Also thinking of TMBG
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Guile has some advice
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a load of swords
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Also thinking of Camper Van Beethoven
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