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Where in the Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego? (Link is to an article which links to the game. Game is Playable in Chrome, iOS and Android.)
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This brought back some memories!

I guess Carmen is a good guy now? I always liked the idea that the series was named after the antagonist, and the unnamed protagonist was you. When did that change?
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That's the case in the recent, very stylishly done animated series on Netflix. I mean, she's still stealing stuff, and she's still a criminal. She just has different motivations than greed.

It really is a nicely done series, and part of the golden age of animation. I recommend it.
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Coupla months ago.

This is based on the Netflix series, which casts Carmen as a good guy who was trained to thieve by VILE and now uses those skills to counter VILE's own thievery.
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Is this game kid-friendly? My 9-year old girl is a big fan of the new Netflix series that jacquilynne mentioned above. This seems like a game that we could have fun playing with each other.
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I like this game and have sent it to my little brother, who loved playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, so thank you!
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This game is pretty much exactly the Carmen Sandiego of your youth with some cute 3D graphics for the locations. You click buttons, people give you clues like "she went that way in a boat with a red and green flag" and then you pick a place that has a red and green flag to continue your investigation.
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Oh, boo. I just played a second game and it was the same as the first game. I think there's just the one case, which is super lame. By the time you've programmed all of this in, how hard would it be to add more than one adventure?

I wouldn't have posted it if I realized it was basically just a demo.
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Mostly this just makes me miss Lynne Thigpen.
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At the end, it prompts you to turn on notifications and says they notify you when new cases arise. So I guess we’ve got to wait for somebody else to steal something.
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Playable 1985 version (and others) for all your nostalgia needs at I am an old and played this on the Apple ][e back in the day.
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This game is pretty much exactly the Carmen Sandiego of your youth with some cute 3D graphics for the locations.

Not quite. The old version you had to piece together clues not only for where they were headed, but also their description. The various places you visit ate up clock time and you had to get the clues, warrant and THEN get to the end where the criminal was. Here, all the clues just point you to the next location.

That being said, I found it quite charming.
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Cautious approval. I'm still not sold on Carmen Sandiego having a misunderstood backstory -- I liked her better as a glamorous badass villain -- but the graphics on the one, with the combo of old-school pixelated text + fancy 3D google earth, are clever.
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I adored the original Carmen Sandiego games, and the TV show, too. I'm 99.9% convinced this has turned me into the geography nut I am today, despite my appalling sense of direction.

That said, I liked my sleek, chic, clearly a villain Carmen, and am unsure about her rebooted backstory. However, the game is cute, I like the integration with Google Earth, and I want more cases, so overall, it's a good, clever thing.
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