Considering he's basically Captain America in a sweater, it makes sense
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Mr Rogers meets Thor: comic by Twistwood, story by Matthew Wisner, slTwitter.
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Aww now that brought a tear to the eye. I miss Mr Rogers, just such unalloyed goodness.
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Mr. Rogers is the supermodesthero we need.
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Goddamnit. I knew that was going to make me cry at work and I clicked it anyway, because I have no self-control.
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I also like the comic in the pinned tweet.
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In the back of my mind, I know that in our world Mr. Rodgers felt that superhero media could be problematic for children, leaving them to feel that solving problems with fists was valid, or that all someone needed to fly when they jumped off of a rooftop is a cape. But this little bit of makebelieve, a story of a Fred Rogers in a world where superheros do exist, is too wholesome for me to find fault with it.
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Seems to be raining on my face a lil' bit.
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Someone actually has done a cosplay of the Mr. Rogers cardigan in Steve Roger's Captain America pattern.
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If anybody wants to read fanfic about the Bat boys dealing with Jason Todd's reaction to catching up on certain news about Mr. Rogers there's a story here that might be of interest.

Here's the backstory for those who aren't Batman scholars. This involves Bruce Wayne's four sons, Dick Grayson (Robin I/Nightwing), Jason Todd (Robin II/Red Hood), Tim Drake-Wayne (Robin III/Red Robin) and Damian Wayne (Robin IV). At one point Jason was killed. He remained dead for quite a few years, and then had an unexplained resurrection (complete with complications). As a result, Jason missed a significant chunk of his teenage years and has to catch up on some of the current events that occurred while he was dead. Before he was adopted by Bruce, Jason lived in poverty with his drug-addicted mother.
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There's also the Captain Rogers' Neighborhood cosplay, including someone's contribution of "What do you do with the Hulk that you feel?"
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I think a talk with Mr. Rogers would be good for Loki.
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Don't forget that Mr. R was the ultimate champion of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (Lemon Demon /Neil Cicieraga's 2005 classic). You don't get more superhero than that. I can imagine him talking Thanos into giving up his glove then using it to restore everyone, fix global warming and make a Batman movie as much fun as the 1966 series.
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I'm glad they credited the original, and that its author seems to like it.
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That's very sweet and cute, and it is a little dusty in here. But I also don't like that Mr. Rogers derives his authority from being able to lift up the hammer.
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But I also don't like that Mr. Rogers derives his authority from being able to lift up the hammer.

If I may try and aid you, my reading is that the hammer chooses to allow Mr. Rogers to lift itself, judging him to be worthy to wield such force by virtue of him never desiring to use it for anything other than to make a worthwhile point to its true wielder. The true strength was in love and friendship all along. Also Mr. Rogers would have Thanos weeping and pouring his heart out and begging forgiveness in like 15 minutes. Shield should have spent more time trying to resurrect him instead of silly AI and such.
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Enjoyed seeing that "Captain Rogers' Neighborhood" pic!

In my headcanon, there's a comic series out there that teams up Fred Rogers, Steve Rogers, Roy Rogers, and Buck Rogers, fighting against evil everywhere from in the neighborhood to the Old West to outer space.
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Let's not forget Ginger and Kenny! If they need to have a dance off at Lady Elaine's Saloon after Roy's poker game goes bad because Steve can't keep a straight face and Buck keeps dealing from the bottom of the deck, well.....
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Mr. Rogers would be able to pick up the hammer because he's explaining that superhero movies are make believe. His friend, Mr. Hemsworth, might have a video for Picture Picture to show how they make special effects for the movie. Or they may discuss how you might feel worried for the characters in a movie, but none of them are being hurt for real.

He was very careful to point out the hand behind the puppets. He literally brought them out of a suitcase to explain once. He showed off the model Neighborhood. We got to see behind the sets. I personally understand his approach is to give us make believe as a tool for understanding ourselves and others. A tool to understand reality that should not be confused for it. That's important for kids.
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I feel as if Ginger, while perhaps technically not a superhero, undoubtedly could be an asset to the All-Rogers Squad, since we already know she could do anything Fred Astaire could do, but also backwards and in high heels, which suggests extraordinary abilities. And Kenny has been in enough westerns to know how to be a sidekick/buddy to Roy, so that works, too.
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(Here's the Threadreader version)
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Will Rogers needs to be the older mentor figure to this group, guiding them with his wise, witty aphorisms.
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Mister Cheese: I can't believe nobody's brought up that this literally happened. (Well, almost - the Bixby/Ferrigno Hulk wouldn't meet Thor until later that decade.)
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