Birds on film
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The Sierra Club has a list of six bird webcams where you can watch the great adventures of spring. Among others, you can spy on cranes, whose vocalizations entertain even when the sky is black and there’s little to see; puffins, whose antics one viewer described as “perfection”; and a variety of species on the Mississippi River, although passers-by at that site can be less cooperative in spring. If these migration-cams aren’t exciting enough for you, perhaps you’d prefer to watch the nesting behavior of barred owls, bald eagles, or the evocatively-named Hellgate ospreys.
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I swear to God, I went to the Puffin Cam just now and they are GOING AT IT LIKE CRAZY. PuffinSex FTW.
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Sadly, there are no puffins on the puffin-cam at the moment just what appear to be three guilemots.
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My whole office is obsessed with UT's Falcon Cam -- the peregrine called Tower Girl is sitting on four eggs right now. Every now and then you can catch her mate spelling her so she can go hunt! She's been nesting on the UT tower for several years but has never hatched an egg successfully, so we're all crossing our fingers for her.
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And the Hellgate osprey cam currently has a northern flicker(?) on it. Shenanigans, I say!
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My bird cam of choice continues to be the Pitt Peregrine Falcon Nest Cam, perched near the top of the tallest educational building in the Western hemisphere. Hope, the resident female, has a history of eating at least one of her chicks each year as it hatches so viewer beware - but as far as I can recall she's always raised at least a couple, and this year she's laid five eggs so odds seem good there will be chicks to watch about a month from now.
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Ooooh, my (well, not "my") building has a falcon cam.

They put a monitor in the lobby that shows the feed. In color. It'll make for some gruesome mornings in a few months, when breakfast for the babies is a pigeon.
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The Crane one is set up a few miles down the highway from my hometown. The bad weather patterns this year interrupted the normal migration patterns. We have the same general number of cranes, but instead of being spread out over 6 weeks or so, they're mostly all showing up at once. It's made what is already impressive into something pretty amazing this year to see.

Oh, and right now we have tens of thousands of Canadian Geese at the same time. We are awash in migrating birds right now in Central Nebraska.
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Right now puffins are still making more puffins.
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I like following the progress of the DuBois Falcon Cam at UMass, Amherst (no excitement yet; it's been cold here). New nesting pair. No successful eggs last year. Fingers crossed for this year!
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I'm a big fan of the Harrisburg Falcon Cam. Color! Night vision! 24-hour falcon viewing!
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PG&E may be in the news for a bunch of crappy things lately, but they've been consistently good hosts to the Peregrine Falcons of downtown SF. 3 eggs from a clutch of 4 hatched about a week ago. They are still tiny white fuzzbutts!
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That's it. I am going to sponsor a grad student to study how birders have taken over the entire public face of conservation and how we can get city kids to care about other genera.

Look out for my new spider-cam and habitat-cam, coming soon!
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More than enough cams to ensure I get no work done at the office. And I will be outside bird watching so no work done at home, either. I'll clean my house in July when it's hot and muggy.
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I love the idea of bird cams! Thank you for posting this.

I was a young adult in the 1980s, so I'm thinking that this post should have been titled Gulls On Film.
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Also the San Jose peregrines nesting on City Hall.
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you guys aren't joking with these puffins
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These bird cams are nice. I watch giraffes literally all over the world on live cams.
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Those damn puffins are back at it again!! GET A ROOM FFS
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Check out this special delivery on the osprey cam!
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