Guido, James, Anders, and Larry sitting on a stage
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PuPPy Presents its ANNUAL BENEFIT in Seattle: A conversation with Language Creators. A historic discussion of language creators about the past and future of language design.
Guido van Rossum, James Gosling, Larry Wall, and Anders Hejlsberg, creators of some of the most widely used programming languages in modern times will share a panel on language design, the universe, and everything with opening words by Cyrus Habib, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Washington.
Starting about 50 minutes in...

The developers of Python, Java, C# / TypeScript, and Perl / Perl6 take the stage for an interview.

The Hacker News thread: A Conversation with Language Creators: Guido, James, Anders and Larry.

Warning: The audio is horrible but manageable and it does get a bit better in the second half.
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I had the pleasure of independently meeting Larry Wall and Guido van Rossum nearly 20:years ago at Linux conferences. I would have never guessed the reversal of fortunes of their respective languages in terms of their popularity, at least.

I think it’s an amazing time to be alive as a programmer given the choices of languages these days. Say what you will about Java, I think it also taught language folks a strong lesson about the value of a rich library of functionality that needs to be built out around a language. I think several newer languages have recognized that as the quickest avenue to growth.

Thanks for the link - I am certain I’ll enjoy a listen, bad audio and all.
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C# / TypeScrip

Add in Turbo Pascal and Delphi and we're gonna have to invoke the mercy rule here.
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I am sad that I missed this. Thanks for posting!
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The audio quality here is a hard hard slog, but it was worth powering through.

I have strong feelings about these languages and the issues around them but apart from that there was a strong undercurrent here of the importance of the communities that the languages foster. They didn't get into the messy issues around the culture of these communities, but it seemed that all were on the correct side of that issue and Larry (to whom I was least sympathetic to coming in) managed to hit it out of the ballpark at the end.
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Until Brainfuck threatens to be mentioned, the mercy rule cannot be invoked. :-)
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