Come for the Walrus, Stay for Leaping Icebergs
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David Attenborough's Scariest Moments The cliff climbing walrus caught my eye, and not a lot of good can come from this shenanigan. David Attenborough describes some thrilling experiences out on the wild Earth. The most captivating concerned leaping ice...

The mental imagery of a ride to watch ice fall, and have it all come back at you, was so rare, I wanted to share.
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I think both links go to the same place?
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Related: Attenborough describing how he was hit in the face by a bat (the animal, rather than a club)
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That was horrifying and wonderful. I was hoping all these things happened to Sir David, but I imagine he describes all that in his various documentaries and books.

I do love it when he has unexpected interactions with the animals, though. Getting chased by that turkey (?) was pretty wild, and when that cicada jumped on his head. Love that dude.
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Amazing stories, I wish there were more. The bit about sinking in chain mail is bloody terrifying.
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