I Wanna Meet Richard Dreyfuss
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I wanna see how his bald head shines
How the light reflects on his moustache
Did you ever see Mr Holland's Opus?
God Richard Dreyfuss, he fucking crushed that

1. Invocation Of Richard Dreyfuss
2. I Wanna Meet Richard Dreyfuss
3. I Need To Meet Richard Dreyfuss
4. I'm Moving On, Richard Dreyfuss
5. I'm Moving On, Richard Dreyfuss Pt. 2
6. Saddles
7. I'm Sorry, Richard Dreyfuss
8. Meeting Richard Dreyfuss
9. Goodbye, Richard Dreyfuss
10. Disco Dreyfuss


Gabriel Gundacker previously
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This is actually really, really good stuff.
posted by eclectist at 6:37 PM on April 15 [2 favorites]

First rule of meeting Richard Dreyfus is: He Doesn't Like. The Panties. Drying On The Rod.

Second rule of meeting Richard Dreyfus Is: He DOESN'T LIKE. The PANTIES. DRYING On The ROD.

He's Richard Dreyfus - Geeeez!
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Oh wow that coinstar bit. I have been laughing uncontrollably for ten minutes and I am not sure why.
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The scope of his ambition isn't right. He needs a bigger album.
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Agile and honest, original and plaintive: truly a great album!

Like all the great pleasures, it leaves one totally unsatisfied.
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Gabriel Gundacker is also Guy Who Loves Music (Vine list of short videos).
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He is so pure. I love him.
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I love this, especially because it seems like it would be easy/obvious to make the songs more and more creepy/stalkery as the songs progressed through the album. This is just delightful the whole way through.
posted by 23skidoo at 7:21 AM on April 16

The way "I wanna meet Richard Dreyfus" sounds makes me wish one of the songs was a reworking of Human Sexual Responses "I wanna be Jackie Onasis".
posted by jclarkin at 10:02 AM on April 16

Dreyfuss and I used to resemble each other closely. It has become less striking (though still evident) as we aged, but when Jaws and Close Encounters came out, we both had similar beards, hair and features, and we're both Jewish. I was asked for autographs on several occasions. I always told people I wasn't him, but I was often disbelieved, especially if they heard someone else call me Richard (which happens to be my real name).

Meh, there are certainly worse people to be mistaken for.
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