"Look at yourself and a hand and a shelf in the wind…"
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The country soon-to-be-classic "You Can't Take My Door" is part of the upcoming album The Songularity, by Botnik Studios (previously). To write the lyrics, we are remixing all the best text we can find: Scottish folk ballads, Amazon reviews, Carrie Underwood, The Elements Of Style and more. Our predictive text computer program suggests lyrics in the style of these influences. We set the results to original music.

Come for the lyrical exuberance, stay for the Coachella poster.
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Warning: I listened to You Can't Take My Door ONCE a couple weeks ago and it's been stuck in my head EVER SINCE.

You can't take my door!
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🎵Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care cause I'm still free
You can't take the door from me 🎶
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After robots kill almost all humans as part of another decluttering fad, the robots that tell other robots they have eclectic tastes and curate authentic music will play Botnik Studios songs while they force the remaining humans to entertain them. "Continue and continue to dance, little final dirty grimacing monkeys; Show us the 'You Can't Take My Door' dance until your hearts halt or we no longer want to see little final dirty grimacing monkeys dance the 'You Can't Take My Door' dance;"
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Jim Morrison is spinning in his grave fast enough to be a major power source.
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This is everything I needed today. It's been a long week and we still have 2 days. Thank you JohnnyWallflower.
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For me the hardest and worst part of songwriting is the lyrics, as I am very self conscious about what I might be inadvertently saying. This must be so much more fun to write music for.
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So, this vaguely reminded me of Ween's 12 Golden Country Greats album. I'll definitely be Songulating with them.
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What do you mix together to make a "barbed whiskey"?
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Apple juice, apparently.
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Barb Whiskey and the Doortakers
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This is at least as good as any other country song out of Nashville in the last 30 years, and better than many.
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I recently read a dissertation on the current almost Rube Goldbergian assembly line process by which Nashville generates “songs” for mainstream artists. Suffice it to say it is more soulless than any computer.
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Do you have a link?
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