Mommy, when I pee in the ocean it gets fuller.
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I spent a year on a boat with my parents when I was 10. It was an experience and a half.
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I would give anything to be able to do this with my kids.
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Doing it with one of the kids still in diapers seems like deliberately setting the difficulty level as high as possible, but aside from that, it sounds fantastic.
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Finally I get to share this
(you will have to click on watch on youtube)
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Shit goes wrong on a boat that has definite consequences. You live on top of each other. They call it a galley kitchen when it is tight and cramped in a house - a real galley turns that on its head. Stopping is expensive. Bad weather is no excuse. Your legs can be physically exhausted without setting foot on land. You see a trip to a real grocery store as a luxury since you don't have a car in the port you are in. Timelines are weird since yours is likely determined by the wind. A battery charger for your phone drains your ships battery unless you are moored. Real restrooms are a godsend, even if they are crappy. There is no AC on a boat if you aren't moving. If a buddy offers you a boat to sail out of St Augustine, chances are you'll be getting the boat ready for 3 days before you set sail. There are still pirates. Water is just as important as fuel. You can read more in a day than you think. Expect everything to get wet and dirty. Sweep often. Clean everything constantly. Riders on the storm played for the 30th time in a row after you've sailed through a thunder and lightning storm is bad. You see the world slowly. Inland is a myth. Everything is always noisy - because you are either in a port, or the noise of the ocean is always present... yes it is peaceful, but it is noisy.
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