Don't Throw Out My Legos.
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Indie pop band AJR go from I'm Not Famous (and I don't hate it) to success and their own apartment... but Don't Throw Out My Legos (cause they want to move out, but don't want to move on.)

Multi-instrumentalist brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met write, produce and mix their own material in the living room of a NYC apartment. They explore "being a twenty-something year old human" with warmth and humor.

They stay positive: "100 Bad Days make 100 good stories, 100 good stories make me interesting at parties" in a fun video with the students at PS22 (or the surreal official video)

They wonder about love: "You say I turned out fine, I think I'm still Turning Out"

They chat about their latest album: "12 original songs spin a coming of age tale... buoyant and uplifting music is juxtaposed with darker lyrical narratives that touch on anxiety, naiveté and searching for integrity."

And... Oh, just go check out the channel. For twenty-somethings and the people who love them.
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"Can we keep my legos at home / Cause I wanna move out / I don’t wanna move on".

Yeah, I recognized that. I'm kinda surprised there isn't a single English word for that feeling, or that item. Is there? Anchor possessions? Some thing mildly totemic, that means you can still come back?
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If ever there was a time to be pedantic and use "Lego" as the technically correct plural of "Lego" surely this was it, to make the rhyme with "Oh No" cleaner.

The sentiment of the song is great, and our childhood Lego are one *the* toy my parents kept stored away to pass on to the grandkids.
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English word for that feeling, or that item.

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Ok, I totally dig I’m not famous. I laughed pretty hard at the bike.

And I’m 47 and some of my comics are still at my parents place so...
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And now I’m crying at the joy/pride on his face when the kids start singing in 100 Bad Days.
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Somehow my kids, aged 4 and 7, learned 100 Bad Days so we've been playing it at different times. I had always thought the title was 100 Bad Dates and they got it wrong but turns out they were right and I was wrong.
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That seems unfair. I feel like people struggling to become themselves in modernity, given the state of basically everything, could stand to be shown
more patience and kindness than that.
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Have you tried to date these guys?
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My daughter graduates from high school next week and this song is on high repeat at our house.
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I just came in to say that you Americans are savage, uncultured beasts. THE PLURAL OF LEGO IS LEGO!!

You all probably say sheeps
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