“There’s a fundamental hatred of people of color.”
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The Lost Boys of Galveston - From the New Yorker, the story of one American helping as many migrants as he can. Terry Keel is the president of the Children’s Center, a nonprofit in Galveston that supports and houses migrant children who have been separated from their parents because of incarceration, deportation, illness, or violence.

Also from the New Yorker, with video, The High Price of Freedom on the extortion of vulnerable migrants by unregulated companies run by American profiteers, shady characters making many millions of dollars off the desperate and detained.
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That was powerful, thanks for posting.
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Wow. After reading that, I feel like getting James Keel tattooed on my arm as well. What an amazing humanitarian. I don’t know how he doesn’t give up in despair.

Also, re: Lady Bird:

“So she just grows up?”

“Basically,” I said.

“How is that a movie?” he said.

I felt the same, friend.
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For those interested, here is their donate link and their homepage.

Have you ever read an article and, because of your experience or expertise, etc. thought, "That author completely misrepresented the facts." (Or couldn't catch the nuance of a situation or just completely misunderstood or...)? Jessica Weissberg did an excellent job portraying Galveston specifically and "the third coast" generally. I am, by no means, any where near an expert of undocumented immigrants but the stories she told align very well with what I am aware of.

Excellent post, 6thsense!
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