"But someone killed country music, cut out its heart and soul."
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Can Nashville's Music Row Be Saved from Demolition? The National Trust for Historic Preservation has named Nashville, Tennessee's Music Row (heart of the country music industry for decades) one of its 11 most endangered historic places for 2019.

While the area was named a National Treasure in 2015 (with the help of Ben Folds), demolition and redevelopment have continued. 50 buildings in the neighborhood have been lost to demolition since 2013, and a plan for preservation is being created.

A few of the places hoping to be saved.
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I'm actually going to Nashville later this summer, and I'll be sure to check out what I can of Music Row. Hopefully, others will still have the chance. It's shameful how the culture and history of US cities are all-too-often ignored for the sake of capitalism. We can't preserve everything, but we do need to preserve some things.
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Hey Nashville, don't be stupid. Don't tear down what people are coming to your city to see.
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I bet there's a news story here waiting to make the light of day. Everyone in Nashville *knows* that Music Row is important to Nashville. But some people are making a shitload of money...
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On a less flippant note, I would posit that Nashville’s importance to country music (and indeed, music in general) is non-trivial, but also not as important as their publicists would have you think. I’m pretty sure Memphis, Tennessee is important, as are musicians who honed their craft from appalachia through Texas and Oklahoma to Bakersfield, California and a myriad of other locales. It would be great if Nashville were to save the musical heritage that is there, but if not, there are any number of other places with a lot of musical heritage to explore.
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And here I was expecting a taylor swift post... rim shot
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But those 1000 of bachelorette parties aren't gonna find a nice-looking-but-cheaply-made AirbnB to stay for if we let things like historical preservation get in the way.

(Note: I recently took a group trip to Nashville and stayed in an Airbnb so I'll admit to that hypocrisy.)
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The heart of country is now on Old Town Road.
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Before reading article: I wonder if everything's being torn down for condos?
After reading article: yup condos.
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Rich fuckheads ruin everything.
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Yeah, they build the condos on top of the music and then the residents complain about the noise!
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John Hartford, Tear Down The Grand Ole Opry
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Hey Nashville, don't be stupid. Don't tear down what people are coming to your city to see.

Oh, they already did that with Opryland.

Bastards destroying my childhood.
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Hey Nashville, don't be stupid. Don't tear down what people are coming to your city to see.

They are drunk on overdevelopment, stupid every day, and there's no sign of that changing course anytime soon. Also, people coming to Nashville are primarily coming for huge events like this weekend's CMA Fest and/or to party on Broadway and in the Gulch. Music Row is meaningless to them.
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