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Sweet! The Flaming Lips' new album, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, comes out in mid-July. But you can listen to it in its entirety right now. Battling robot goodness.
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thank you! thank you! thank you! Great post! (stuck at work on a Saturday - this is gonna help a lot.)
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Dear Flaming Lips,

If I promise to buy this album on the day it comes out (and I've been planning to anyway), can you provide MP3s of all of the tracks so I can put it on my portable player and listen to it everywhere I go? Pretty please?

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[this is good]

"do you realize / that everyone you know / someday will die / and instead of saying all your goodbyes / let them know you realize / that life goes fast / it's hard to make / the good things last"
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Damn japanophiles

ps. turaho: I doubt it.
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The cave I live in just became a bit larger, brighter.
I have never listened to this band before -- they just never perceptively fit my tastes in music. I love this album and am organizing a trip east to see the Aug. 2 show at Redrocks. Any Utahns (or Utites, Utahnians...as you please) interested in a road trip?
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Sounds pretty good. I wish this band would kill the sweet singing and just rock more and make more weird noises and shit. The Soft Bulletin sounded good the first few spins but I never play it nowadays. It's all a bit contrived and knowing.
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wow, i've only heard 30 sexonds of it, and i know i already like it... very strange... are the flaming lips the group that put out that cd a while ago that was meant to be listened to with three other copies of the cd, in order to get the full effect?
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yeah, Zaireeka is the 4 cd album. I'm going to see them on Tuesday and can hardly wait...
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The head lip seems to be a bit of a character.
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Daddy I wuv you so much.
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The Lips are one of very few "progressive rock" bands that equally satisfy both parts of the equation. They're as wiggy as Amon Düül but as hooky as Big Star

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I actually found an unopened copy of Zaireeka last weekend. I wound up not buying it because I didn't have four CD players to do it justice with. I love the Flaming Lips, but I can't hear them without hearing Ian Ziering's say, "I don't know who these guys are, but they rock!" (on the set of Beverly Hills 90210 when the Lips were invited to play "Vaseline" in the Peach Pit.

The first song is terrific.
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I really like the Lips...although I've never had the 4 cd experience either. :) If you like the FL, you may really like Luna also. This is my fave Luna CD, and this is their site.
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there're my fave band ever...I first heard of them when dragged to go see Batman. Whichever one had Jim carrey-anyways, a song of their's is playing during a scene. I adored the song so much, I bought the soundtrack, and then bought my first Lips album. As someone growing up in ND, I had never heard stuff like they do before-all the stations are pop/classic rock.

Looks like this is gonna be a great album. "Soft Bulletin" wasn't up there on the list of the best work they've done, for me at least. Thanks for this link!
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OH MY GAWD.......! One of the bands I always find myself going back to. Always fresh.
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thanks for the post. awesome.
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I'd never heard of the Lips until last year, when a friend dragged me to a show. What a wonderful experience that was. I'd never seen anyone sing with so much joy and shameless passion. If you only go to one show this summer, tell Grandpa Mick and The Geriatric Three to "suck it", and see the Flaming Lips instead.
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Reaction the first - I can't believe how good, and different from "She Don't Use Jelly" (the only other time I had heard of the band, but which I still like), is.

Reaction the second - how the hell did they do this? The whole album is just there, instantly, with nothing else to do, and with accompanying graphics.

Reaction the third - can this (please, oh please) become a model for future delivery of music to be released at a later time in purchasable format? You know, actually USING the internet to promote and sell music, instead of trying to kill it off?
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can you provide MP3s of all of the tracks so I can put it on my portable player and listen to it everywhere I go?

Geez, no wonder the industry hates its customers. Here we have a major label band streaming their unreleased album for FREE with no ads to boot and you want MP3s too?? I think its fairly obvious what the music industry thinks of mp3s.

Hopefully, this little online experiment will help convince the dunderheads in the industry to embrace streams and internet radio. I don't like how streaming and mp3 trading to some are to some pretty much the same thing.

yhbc, its a flash app from what I can tell.
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Nice link. I haven't heard anything by the Flaming Lips other than "Jelly," either. I love how they're another band being compared to Big Star. I've never heard that group, but I have a strong impression of its music based on all the groups compared to it.
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Zaireeka on four systems is indeed as cool as they say. It can be a bitch to get all the machines synched, though. Two years ago they played at the new bands tent at Glastonbury. New? I was shaking my head, too.
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Zaireeka is sweet, but you're right Monk, it is a bitch to get synched. You have to have many friends or be verrrry flexible and coordinated. Or if they're slightly out of synch - (pause, play, pause, play... I hope some of you Flaming Lips fans understand my pain...)
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I understand that there's an gargantuan .mp3 floating around that has Zaireeka pre-synched as one track. I can't seem to find it right now, though.
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I didn't know MP3 could support 8 channels.
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Good point. It's probably not audio-perfect, but it might provide an approximation, content-wise. (Again, I'm just guessing, as I have not heard it).
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it's a mix down to 2 channels jjg. for new flaming lips fans this is a good intro to their newer stuff - and a really inspirational take on the creative process.
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Thanks for posting this link! I hadn't heard anything by the Flaming Lips before, and really like them. :-)
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My friends and I are posting this from the L.A. show at the Knitting Factory. The show just ended, and I have one piece of advice for anyone who may happen upon this ol' thread:

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