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Amy Grant's astonishing 1988 album Lead Me On was not what anyone was expecting. After the pop of Unguarded, she retreated into a more acoustic Nashville-flavored rock style. And revealed some of the most mature, questioning, striving-toward-perfection-while-failing lyrics ever recorded by a CCM artist. It's truly an album worth giving a full listen. CD track listing: 1974 (We Were Young), Lead Me On [video], Shadows, Saved By Love, Faithless Heart, What About The Love, If These Walls Could Speak, All Right, Wait For The Healing, Sure Enough, If You Have To Go Away, Say Once More
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Sorry not sorry
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Blast From The Past -- rip of Amy Grant Lead Me On Tour VHS [1h45m]
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Agree, this is a fantastic album. I discovered Amy Grant through the mainstream popularity of Baby Baby etc but the songs in this one really resonate. It's worth listening to the whole album in order, it moves from uncertainty and doubt to more confidence.
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Her recent Christmas Tiny Desk concert for NPR
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After following your music posts for years hippybear, I wonder if I did have that twin I always wished I had.

In '88 I was alienated from my nuclear family and sent to stay with relatives for the summer giving this 16 year old more freedom than I'd ever had and access to "city things" that I usually saw once a month at most. I shoplifted(!) this cassette--hey, my folks didn't send any money-- due to it being right next to the current Ozzy release and an easy grab. Turns out, I can remember one tune off the Ozzy album but know every freakin note of Lead Me On. There was just something about her vulnerability and lack of blatant virtuosity that was so instantly accessible in a way that snuck through the defenses of that angry, terrified, lonely kid. She sounded like the sister I also always wished I had. I've never been a religious man, but these songs have been pretty damn holy to me for a couple of decades.
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