Live at the Hong Kong Café
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When Bill Hong said yes to the promoters, he was trying to be practical. He knew the restaurant needed more customers; maybe letting a few young bands play could help bring them in. He never could’ve foreseen that his family’s establishment, the Hong Kong Low—located on a small street called Gin Ling Way—would become a focal point for a seminal music scene: West Coast punk.
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Huh. So Chinese expats enabled both punk and reggae (recent fpp).
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Wait, does this tie in to the Hong Kong Cavaliers somehow? Mind, blown.
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Flyer for a show at Kin’s Coloma, 1981. The $3 price of admission included access to the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.

Holy shit. Even for '81, that's a pretty good deal.
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Great article, thanks for posting it. Bit of West Coast punk history I didn't know about.
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