King's College London blocked activists from campus during Queen's visit
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In March, Queen Elizabeth opened Bush House, to house creative research, on the King's College London campus. On the day, some students were blocked from entering KCL buildings. They were told that they had been identified as 'troublemakers'. KCL has just published an independent review, which acknowledges that the university breached its own policies and that the security measures taken overstepped the authority of the team involved.
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Maybe they could have kept the Queen away? She didn’t have classes to attend....
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This happens all the time - from G7/G20 protests to things as "small" as the Queen visiting a college campus.

The police/security overstep their bounds, trampling basic freedoms of assembly, speech, etc in the process.

Then they have a review of what happened and realize that they broke laws or protocols. But everyone was just following orders, no one ever gets reprimanded. And the question of who exactly issued those orders is never answered.

Rinse and repeat.
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At the time it was built, Bush House--a nondescript building on a large traffic island--was reputed to be "the most expensive building in the world" and nobody can really explain why.
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