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If incredibly detailed videos narrated by endearing and knowledgeable people are your jam, it would be pretty impossible not to love SerpaDesign's videos about terrariums, ( including a terrarium inside an aquarium!), paludariums (like this one for fire-bellied toads!), ripariums (like this handmade nano version) and vivariums (here is crested gecko Henry's fancy build). I love that he shows every step in his builds - he doesn't skip over the boring but useful stuff that would actually let you build your own. posted by stoneweaver (3 comments total) 27 users marked this as a favorite
My son and I recently made a terrarium from the clear plastic water tank of a small, broken humidifier my mother-in-law was junking. We in some potting soil and laid down some moss that had been stripped off the soil on the edge of the alley next to our house by heavy rain, spritzed it with some water, and closed it up.

Within a few weeks, the moss had started to spread out, and clover, devil's grass, and other seeds that were in the moss soil started to germinate. That was back in April, we've only watered it 3-4 times, and it's still going strong.
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Ahhh I want to start one of these. Right now I only have a rabbitfoot fern in a glass container to keep it from drying out, but there’s so many fascinating things to try. Thanks for this!
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This was way more fascinating that I would have expected. So far, I have particularly liked the videos on the Native and Free terrariums he made. Thanks for posting.
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