No one understands Instagram better than Barbie
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Buzzfeed's Delia Cai explains why Barbie is the ultimate influencer. Could it be that all the secrets of understanding Instagram influencer culture can be found on the account of a plastic doll?
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I mean, she's no Kirby Jenner, but she's pretty great at Insta.
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An interesting take on insta-barbie. However, the buzzfeed page itself is hard to deal with. Ads all over the place and every second paragraph of text is shouted in huge lettering. It feels like having a conversation with someone with a severe bipolar disorder.
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Hi, I'm Barbie! -- an SNL skit where New interns (Donald Glover, Heidi Gardner, Pete Davidson) pitch captions for Barbie's Instagram account.
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That was weird and interesting.
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I love it! Thanks for posting this
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This is way too good. The settings, the poses, the fashion (they must custom make them?), the captions, they're all spot-on.
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So the official Barbie Instagram Account is basically just Socality Barbie?

Somebody help I don’t understand parody anymore
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I was going to say something snarky like "could it be that commentators are running out of things to commentate on" but then I looked at the link and so now I'll be spending the rest of the day hating myself for being so judgy.

I'm sorry Barbie.
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