You wanna go for a swim?
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The uncle was able to speak fluent English, and pointed out that he couldn’t swim because of his wheelchair. “So what?” replied the muscular gentleman, causing his friend to repeat “It’s Waikiki, ain’t it?”
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That was great, thanks.
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Either this is a rather dusty beach or I just got salt water splashed in my eyes.
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Definitely the story that today needed.
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Beautiful and touching.
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No you're crying.
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This is awesome, thank you for sharing!
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This post gets
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This is the BOTW, well done. I sure hope this story finds these totally awesome nā hoahānau. Otherwise I'll just assume they were angels.
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her uncle described one man as being muscular and just a little smaller than the sumo wrestler Konishiki, and the other man as a long-haired, blond surfer-type

They fight crime!
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I saw this manga buzzing on Japanese Twitter a few days ago. The translation is pretty accurate, except the part about Mahalo. The uncle is the one saying it, you can tell from his expression.
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This is aloha.
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No you're crying.

Correct.  I have no issue admitting this story brought a tear to my eye.
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Swimming in the ocean is at the top of my list of things to do in general and also right before I die.
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Kindness. Intuitive, compassionate kindness. Over and over again we learn the lesson: kindness is the best of what we can offer each other.
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Angels surf among us.
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The best part of this is that it really happened.
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teary - I needed this - thank you!
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Yep, dusty in here.
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This reminds me of my grandmother wanting to swim in the Chesapeake one last time before she died. She wasn't walking very well by then and our progress to the beach was so slow a lifeguard stopped to ask if we needed any help. She ended up doing a chair carry with me to carry Grandma to the beach. At first I waded in the water some with Grandma, carrying her portable oxygen tank, but she said no, she really needed to get her whole body in. So my spouse set up our four year old with snacks on the shore and as she very carefully ate each thing, joined us in the water. He carried the oxygen tank above the water and I held Grandma as she floated in the water. I love so much that we got to do that together. (And thanks to the lifeguard, who also came back to open up part of the park so we could get the car down to Grandma to get her home again.)
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