"Escape From The Haunted Mansion" Board Game
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Trying to hide out from the heat wave? Here's a little project -- the "Escape From The Haunted Mansion" Board Game. It's a paper craft project which is a 3D Haunted Mansion that is also a board game. So you can build it, and then you play it! Multiple pages of PDF files get printed, cut, glued, and then admired while you try to escape!

Many more Disney paper craft projects here. Or if you're really wanting a challenge, these Star Wars and Star Trek models are what you want! (I built the Millennium Falcon one once years ago.)
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This is so far up my alley it ought to be paying me rent! However, 'tis the season when fans are always on, so not great for papercraft!
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Here's a site with classic arts and crafts pages from German Disney comics, found via Tumblr user land-of-birds-and-comics.

To quote her from here (which includes images of the kit I'm about to link for Donald's car from the comics with actual working wheels oh my god):

You Can Build The 313. You Can Do It Right Now. Neither God Nor Man Can Stop You. You Have Everything You Need. Your Destiny Is In Your Hands
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ohhhh my gosh, so many new papercraft projects...

Thank you!!
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Cool... although at first glance I was expecting this from my childhood...
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There's also the Haunted Mansion edition of Clue.
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It was Madame Leota in the Seance Room with her creepy bagpipes!
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You will find many more haunted themed paper models here.

For very detailed models of the Haunted Mansion, the Tower of Terror and more, you can find them here.

This page has more classic arts and crafts similar to the site linked by BiggerJ.

For a dazzling selection of paper models, see Canon Creative Park. Canon models are generally very well designed and go together smoothly. And there are models simple enough for young children as well as some models so detailed you had better set aside a lot of time to build them.

This generous Flickr user from France shares hundreds of vintage french models.
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