It's just like the film Network.
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It's just like the film Network. Former BBC anchor David Ickes, who claimed he was "the son of god" in 1991 has got a new job at the Sci-Fi channel ranting. In Network, anchor Howard Beale has an on air nervous breakdown. Instead of taking him off the air, the network gives him a weekly show to rant to the nation. Oddly, Icke's idea about reality is very similar to Philip K. Dick's Valis, Grant Morrison's The Invisibles and a recent mefi discussion.
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What else could you call a show with David Icke in it? Apart from Match of the Day that is.
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The Guardian has a nice extract on David Icke from Jon Ronson's excellent book Them.
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So apparently the UK Sci-Fi is part of the same company but with a different feed. Headf**k isn't a family newspaper elision, it's the real name of the show -- and it's not clear that Icke's rants will amount to all that much air time. Mostly short films, animations, and videos, apparently. But I guess if you're British you already knew that, since it's been on for two "series" already.
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David Icke's web site contains a lot of great stuff on his ongoing godhood and the Reptilian menace.
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"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut,
that held its ground."

Nuts don't hold their ground, they fall into the ground and stay there. Then they either die or they become something akin to a plank of wood.
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I highly recommend Jon Ronson's "Them" for a great perspective on Ickes and other conspiracy theorists. Fantastic.
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