July 5, 2002
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Pleix, a multi-disciplinary group of artists, are creating some incredible video works[Quicktime only], including a video for a new track by Plaid[fullscreen, somewhat annoying].
Particularly fun is a group of "commercials" for Beauty Kits(Why Wait for Mother Nature?), which share a sick little theme with this piece by someone I kinda like.
posted by Su (4 comments total)
the beauty kit stuff is hilarious, arty, and disturbing. trifecta!
posted by donkeyschlong at 4:51 AM on July 5, 2002

I saw that beauty kit stuff on filepile a long time ago, and always wondered who did it....
posted by Espoo2 at 4:58 AM on July 5, 2002

very nice stuff, thanks for the link.
posted by muta at 12:24 PM on July 5, 2002

I was about to post this. Great video work. I also like the abstract "Simone" video, an ode to the classic Milton Bradley electronic game Simon.
posted by Down10 at 5:51 PM on July 5, 2002

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