Marcus Miller Special Bass Clinic
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How to make the bass sound As explained by a leading bass guitar player in the jazz world;

Marcus Miller can also be heard here with Miles Davis in 1982.

And here in 2013 at the Metropole Orkest - Edison Jazz/World Awards.

And employing some Turkish musical inspiration in 2016
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"If you sounded like that you'd be fired...."
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Fantastic. I needed that...he’s one of those players, I love hearing how he responds to how he hears the world... if that makes any sense.
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I saw him on one of the tours he and Stanley Clarke and Victor Wooten did; and he had probably the best live bass sound I have ever heard. The only other artist I have seen who sounded so much dramatically superior to recordings was B.B. King. That was before this Sire endorsement; I assume he was playing a Sadowsky, a beautiful bass, that costs several times what the Sire sells for.
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Miller on his other axe
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Also obligatory
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