Gardening is Gangsta
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We can't rely on anyone to take care of us but us - Master Mark + Sifu Paul Davis.
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White guys in cornrows and du-rags rapping about veggies. It's certainly something.
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“I don’t rely on no food stamps,
cuz every season I’m
harvesting some new plants”

Right, because people that rely on food stamps could easily get all of the carbs, fat and protein they need to sustain themselves and their families from that 3-acre homestead set up in their back yard...

Nevertheless, I give them points for creatively encouraging people to garden. I have an 8’x8’ patio and get a ton of enjoyment out of gardening every square inch of it, growing herbs, veggies and flowers.

But if I had to feed myself solely out of that space, I’d be starving after a couple of days.
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At least these guys aren't a couple of Earth Warriors.
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Are they seriously saying Hey food stamp users, just go buy a bunch of land?
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This is wild to me, because Sifu Paul was my daughter's kung fu instructor for like 6 years. Here's what I know about him:

* Advanced black belt in Shaolin style Kung Fu

* Used to be a Marine drill sergeant

* Great with kids, and a great role model in the martial arts studio

* Rejects lots of things about modern consumer culture, looks for alternative sources

* Outspoken anti-racist

* Bit of an Infowars guy, but not to a true believer extent

* Into neuroscience

He always reminded me a little in his demeanor of Snoop Dogg, presence relaxed and mellow but undeniably badass, and I knew he was way into organic gardening, so this makes some sense. Still wild to see! My daughter's still squealing about this existing.
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