Japan's Anoice: The music one craves when picking yourself up.
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Anoice (interview) is a Tokyo based cinematic instrumental music group formed by multi instrumentalists; Takahiro Kido, Yuki Murata, Utaka Fujiwara and Tadashi Yoshikawa, who have been collaborating on modern classical, post rock, ambient, and similar sounding recordings, as iterations on the group, and as solo artists, via their Ricco label, which has most of their work on Bandcamp. Anoice's latest album, is a piano-focused instrumental album titled Ghost in the Clock, while RiLF's debut, Ferris Wheel, is vocal alt.post rock. And a freebie (or pay what you like): Piano Fantasia+, a two track solo piano single from Yuki Murata.
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Thanks for this, I'm enjoying it a lot. The orchestrally-oriented end of the post-rock map is where some of my favorite music is.
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I first heard Takahiro Kido's music in this short film based on this art-video-game: Every day the same dream
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