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Hasegawa Takejirō was a late 19th century Japanese publisher, specializing books for Western audiences. Kyoto University of Foreign Studies has a gallery of his woodcut chirimen-bon (crepe paper books). Some of the books feature distinctive calligraphic English brushwork text, now turned into a typeface.
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fascinating and lovely. Thank you!
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What an amazingly lovely and very easily (to me) readable font! I really love it a lot, actually. Like I don't actively think about fonts or even have favorites above generics, but that is a very lovely font!
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Dave Bull, the artist mentioned in the story, is Metafilter's Own woodblock100.
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Beautiful, thank you
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I have a few of these in my own collection and they are so cool and soooo fragile.
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I saw those crepe paper books when David posted a video about them on his YouTube channel and coveted them. I love the hand-written look of the font and hope to find a use for it.
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