"The racer must fill her bong before the start of the race."
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Tom Sachs would like you to break off a five dollar bud, and load the car, because you know that she is a Reefer Lovin' Woman who has access to the bong hit station. On cannabis culture being masculine. Sometimes consuming cannabis is just a way to pay the bills, and women 'weedtubers' are present to break the stigma.
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Incredibly informative, thanks for the links. Now I know how to do it.
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“Weed culture”?
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“Weed culture”?

Tell me of your home planet, Usul.
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I think a better question given those videos would be "Can cannabas culture stop pretending to be all white?" I mean, I can see why they would, given the producers of these videos don't want to be in prison, but still.
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I just learned of Broccoli Mag the other day and according to their website they are “Created by women who love weed, Broccoli is a magazine presenting a new perspective on cannabis culture.”
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I know very few women who spark up regularly which has always seemed surprising given how useful the herb can be for stuff like menstrual issues. As a woman, I’ve gotten away with smoking in outrageous places for the past forty years simply because I don’t look like a stoner. People don’t give me a second glance or question what I’m doing. On the flip side, when I go to my local hydroponics shop I get all kinds of side-eye from the dudebros who have me tagged as a narc.
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“Weed culture”?
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Makes more sense than the article I read about "Slice Culture" — Pizza places in and around NYC. I've had pizza slices many times in and around NYC, and never knew I was indulging in a part of "slice culture"... Perhaps I was even inappropriately culturally-appropriating NYC's slice culture?

Gotta read more Lifestyle Magazines to find out the truth!
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I am also a bit confused, there may be weed cultures but not really one.

And there is tons of black weed culture, e.g. I don’t think the blunt was invented by suburban white kids. Likewise plenty of women drinking bhang at Holi festivals, even in the USA.

Almost like the YouTube is not a good place to get a comprehensive view of ethnobotanical traditions that span millenia?
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The first rule of Slice Culture is: You always talk about Slice Culture. The second rule of Slice Culture is: YOU ALWAYS TALK ABOUT SLICE CULTURE
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I just came from a legal cannabis store in Massachusetts. While I’m a regular and skip the line with a preorder, the line was about 100 people deep. And it was at least 30-40% women, including a number of groups of women (it was also about 85% white, which is even a little low for the legal store gold rush lines around here in western Mass.). I know lots and lots of women who smoke weed, and it’s rising as many turn to it for health reasons lately.

Having bought legally in 5 states, my impression is that a significant number of customers are late boomer/early gen X middle class people who drive SUVs and have suburban mortgages and kids in college and middle-class jobs. Many of them are nostalgic for 70s and 80s (white suburban) weed culture — remarkably so. And many haven’t smoked in years, either from conscious choice or from not having a connection and/or not wanting to risk breaking the law. And many are also either dealing with chronic pain or other medical issues or trying to get off alcohol. Generalizations I know, but I try to be an ethnographer of this scene, especially now that I live in the middle of a gold rush cannabis market. (I myself never stopped smoking and have always had good black market connections for high end weed, and still do, but I really like supporting legalization, which has been a political cause for me for my entire life. Hell, it’s no small part of why I live part time in my natal state of Massachusetts now.)

I jokingly describe the Massachusetts lines as “the classic rock crowd,” since as a classic rock pro musician these days I know it (and a business opportunity, all I will say for now) when I see it. But my point is that weed culture is changing with legalization, becoming a safer and more legitimate space for the timid and the law abiding and the kind a of people who won’t or can’t risk breaking the law. I think some of the toxic masculinity of weed culture in the past reflected proximity to illegality and criminality as well as racist realities of selective enforcement, obviously.

But I have dozens of women friends who are regular users and more than a few who are longtime heads. They’re less public about it than guys tend to be, and more discreet, but they definitely aren’t a tiny minority of the people I have gotten high with in my life. Maybe it’s because I’m a musician and hang out with musicians (“and players of instruments too...”), but it goes beyond that.
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And yet one of these articles talks about the dudebro weedtuber who tries to smoke a gram of dab in a minute, and how many views the resulting seven minutes of coughing that follows video has...

(Shakes head and rools eyes)

In places where it's legal, it's just really not a big deal. No one cares. Can't imagine watching any of these people.
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I declare this post to be awesome
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