We control the vertical. We control the horizontal.
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Destin of Smarter Every Day with the help of Hansi and Jerobeam from Oscilloscope Music explains how it's done. Includes lasers, fog machines, and some sick beats. Drawing with Sound (Oscilloscope Music) - Smarter Every Day 224
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They give away how to make something that sounds good while drawing the thing you want while manipulating the T-Rex - you can adjust the ratio of vertical-to-horizontal passes while still making effectively the same drawing. I listened to this with very big heavy headphones and the squarewave sounds have raised my energy level in a way I wasn't prepared for before bed but I'm just very excited for this entire concept.
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Quake played on an oscilloscope.
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I feel fortunate to have a 475 and time to play with it today.
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Applause for the classic headline.
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I learned about the existence of this earlier (for instance Techmoan had a video devoted to this) but didn't know how it was made. Very, very interesting video. thanks for posting!
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