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"Kimiyah says she dances, 'more hip-hop-ish. More with the swag. I like that.' And even though she is comparatively so young she, like other young dancers I spoke with, says it’s important to understand the lineage. 'You can’t be in the ballroom scene and not know your history,' she said. 'You can’t walk a category and not know who started the category and who paved the way for you to walk the category." Jocelyn Winter writes for Dazed on the legacy of ballroom culture 27 years after Paris is Burning.
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Make sure to also check out the very recent FPP on Black queer films. I'll put in another plug for the Paris is Burning FanFare post as well.
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Paris Is Burning gave me a way of describing many things since that are obviously vogueing forms, that have little to do with the Balls in Harlem. One image that really stayed with me was a young person's persona as a well dressed attorney. That film moved me, the desperation, hope, pride and projection, whoa!
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