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Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure is Wii Fit meets Final Fantasy on the Switch [The Verge] “It sounds like a typical role-playing game, but Ring Fit Adventure is far from typical. You don’t explore and battle by using buttons and joysticks: instead, you exercise your way through a lush fantasy landscape. It’s like Wii Fit crossed with Final Fantasy, and it sits alongside Labo as one of Nintendo’s most unexpectedly interesting experiments. Ring Fit Adventure, which Nintendo teased last week, launches in October for the Switch. It consists of three main pieces. There’s the game itself and two accessories: a leg strap and a flexible ring that Nintendo has dubbed the Ring-Con, which is essentially a high-tech resistance band. In order to use both, you need to slot a Joy-Con controller inside of each, and then you control the game primarily through your movements.” [YouTube][Teaser][Annoucement Trailer]

• A Closer Look At Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo's Shiny New Switch Toy [Nintendo Life]
“Yes, this is Ring Fit Adventure, something Nintendo has described as "a new type of adventure game". It uses two accessories - the Ring-Con and the Leg Strap - to let players save the world using actual, real-life exercise routines. Nintendo has truly out-Nintendo'd itself once again. Feel free to catch up on the lengthy trailer and press release info if you missed it, but for those ready for more, let's take a closer look with these new screenshots and images. We'll start with the lifestyle image collection, so that you can get a good look at what you'll actually be doing with the thing when you pick it up next month.”
• If you guessed this was an exergaming peripheral, you win [Polygon]
“Ring Fit Adventure offers a main campaign, a shorter Quick Play mode featuring the mini-games found in the campaign, and modes where players can choose from the menu of exercises or perform sets of two or more to work the same muscle group. Critically, “the game even includes a ‘Silent’ mode for people who live in an upstairs apartment or don’t want to make a lot of noise,” says the news release. Nintendo: Also a considerate neighbor! Silent mode means the jog-in-place exercises are replaced with “ones that are a little quieter, allowing players to keep their legs active without a heavy impact on the floor.” The exergaming title includes the Ring-Con and Leg Strap (both of which have housings for the Switch’s two Joy-Con controllers) and will sell for $79.99 when it launches on Oct. 18.”
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I sort of hate the name of this "game", Ring Fit Adventure, but I'm all about the actual exercising/workout. I don't mind that it is gamified, because that often helps motivate and keep your focus when you're trying to be healthier.
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Let’s see if they can avoid shaming me by having the thing gasp and tell me, “Oooooo! That’s OVERWEIGHT!” the way the WiiFit did. Because that didn’t exactly motivate me to daily use.
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Also, it'll be interesting to see how the device is hacked further down the road. I know that the hacking/modding community has gone wild with all kinds of interesting things you can do to products and peripherals like this, for example, the Wii Fit balance board.
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Let’s see if they can avoid shaming me by having the thing gasp and tell me, “Oooooo! That’s OVERWEIGHT!” the way the WiiFit did. Because that didn’t exactly motivate me to daily use.

I kind of laughed when Wii fit told me I was obese (OBESE! not just overweight, OBESE! My Mii avatar, which was actually a good likeness in most ways, looked like he had been inflated with a bicycle pump to near-bursting!) meanwhile at the time I was like 9% bodyfat. But in their defense, it's not like they had any means of taking a bodyfat measurement from me so I kind of forgive them for the BMI thing cuz that's basically what most doctors do anyways.

Like how many times have you had a bodyfat caliper broken out in your sesh with the doc? never? me either.
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I kind of laughed when Wii fit told me I was obese

Yeah, I didn't laugh at all, because that isn't actually, you know, funny. Also, the Wii Fit wouldn't let me use it anyway, because I was too obese to exercise.

From this material, I'd guess my legs are also too fat to exercise, but maybe that leg strap is just a strap and could be replaced with another, longer strap.
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This design has potential to be so much more inclusive (no board to require standing, no equipment to potentially have weight limits or even weight measurement) so I hope it is! I think it looks like fun.
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This actually looks tempting for someone who is already losing weight but could take another nudge. The boxing game on the switch didn't do it for me, something about me being really picky about how it decides if I've completed a movement or not.
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One morning a decade ago, when I was getting the Wii Fit ready for a session, and psyching myself up for the inevitable sad "Ohhh" as I stepped onto it, my cat wandered through the room, saw the balance board in the middle of the floor, and climbed up on it.

Wii Fit cheered me, congratulated me on my overnight two hundred pound weight loss, mentioned in passing that I had lost that awfully fast so I should be careful, and proceeded to slenderize my Mii down to a stick. I left it that way for a few sessions because I thought it was hilarious, but I got tired of bicycling around the island for twenty minutes for it to tell me that I'd burned 1 calorie. It didn't say anything when I gained 200 pounds overnight.
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I guess my ultimate takeaway is that I was somewhat surprised that the developers hadn't bothered to put in a "Are you sure this is your weight?" when a 40-year-old woman suddenly weighs 8 pounds.
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Like how many times have you had a bodyfat caliper broken out in your sesh with the doc? never? me either.

The only time I've had one used on me was when I wrestled in high school, and they were setting our base weight to determine what weight classes we could compete in. The previous year had seen three collegiate wrestlers die while cutting weight, so new standards for initial qualification were implemented, now using body fat measurement. And because BMI is completely inaccurate for determining this, the calipers came out. (So did the test for specific gravity as well - before you could be measured, your urine was checked, and if too concentrated, you weren't allowed to until you drank enough. Again, three college wrestlers died the previous year, so they were taking all this very seriously.)
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Good to hear your school was taking the threat of weight-cutting injuries seriously, NoxAeternum. I wrestled for a year, and I was sort of lucky in that I was far enough into the top weight class that there was no point asking me to cut. Lots of my teammates did have to cut, though, and it looked really rough. Thankfully, we didn't have any serious injuries, let alone deaths, just a lot of guys who were tired and miserable before meets.

Anyway, this looks intriguing. I'm also curious just how adjustable (looks like one of those mechanisms where it doubles back and velcros to itself) the leg strap will be, because while my thighs are relatively lean compared to my overall bodyfat percentage they're still pretty damned thick.
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Were the emoji at the top supposed to spell "GAY?"

I'm guessing not, but it was weird to automatically go, "Oh, Gay." And then, "no, wait."
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U R MR 💪🏾🎮🏋🏾‍♀️
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This looks pretty cool. The actual gameplay videos look fun, kind of like a live-action version of those "endless runner" mobile games. I hope the player characters are customizable beyond generic male/female.

Also, I love how Nintendo's English language marketing (like in the Announcement Trailer link) seems to fully embrace that super earnest Japanese TV presentation style. It makes them stand out a lot compared to most video game marketing.
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I love Nintendo for doing weird stuff like this and Labo. It's not for everyone. It's not even for me. But it offers a little bit of joy and whimsy and those are inherently good.
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The obstacle course game on Wii Fit was great fun and I would have totally played a full-fledged game based on it. Hopefully more than one game will be using the joy-con attachments as the one thing I don't like about the Labo set that I have is that you can only use it on the software that comes with it.
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This looks cool, but I am still waiting for my dream fighting/exercise game which would be like Soul Calibur II but where you actually punch and fight.
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I've said it before on Metafilter, but I just ran a practice marathon (for real!) and feel the need to shout it from the rooftops: if you want a genius gamified fitness app with a smart, twisty story, look no further than Zombies, Run!
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In theory, I want to play it. In reality, I know that my shins and knees will freak out about me bouncing around on my hard floors for an hour.

Anyway, DDR, Dance Central, and Just Dance are the OG fitness games.
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"Ring Fit Adventures" sound like the experience of trying to buy the right size engagement ring without your partner finding out.
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Anyway, DDR, Dance Central, and Just Dance are the OG fitness games.

World Class Track Meet would like a word with you.
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I was a huge fan of the EA Sports Active workout games on the Wii (and Yourself Fitness on the PS2 back in the day), so I'm glad to see the continued evolution of fun fitness games.
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Came for the ZR ref, stayed to say hi! Seriously though, this is neat. I doubt it will be as popular the multi-billion dollar success that was Wii Fit, because that was lightning in a bottle and I’d argue its core demo has been taken over by Peloton and other fitness apps - but it will still be solidly profitable, plus it’s genuinely innovative, and what more could you ask for from Nintendo?

My professional take is that it’s really really hard to make a game that is both fun and also involves strenuous, calorie-burning exercise. Not that all exercise needs to be about burning calories, but it does seem to be what a lot of people are looking for. It ends up being neither a great game nor strenuous exercise. I remember trying out Wii Fit a few times and discovering that I could literally burn more calories going for a brisk walk outside than doing even the most vigorous exercise in the game.

Anyways, if someone wants to give me a few million on extending ZR into more forms of exercise and isn’t expecting a 10X financial return, you know where to find me!
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I've been trying to justify buying a Switch for just one game (Stardew Valley). It'll be a bit easier to make the argument now that there are just two games I want to play.
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Playing Pokemon Go this summer has easily tripled the amount of walking I do on a daily basis, so I am very much here for the gamified exercise.

I do hope the leg strap will be adjustable enough or available in enough sizes to make it accessible to all sorts of bodies. I enjoyed Wii Fit too back in the day, but my other half could not, as he was just barely over the balance board's weight limit.

A weight-bearing electronic device always has to have some weight limit, I guess, but making this leg strap re-sizeable is a much easier problem to solve, so long as Nintendo actually considers that in their design process.
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This will be a day one buy for me if the game itself has any serious depth to it. I love the idea of a game that gets me moving while I play, but if I'm going to put any serious time into it I need a deep game beyond the exercise.
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This makes me reminisce about my days playing on the Nintendo Power Pad.
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