Magpie Alert!
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Australia's social website to track aggressive swooping magpies in your area. If you are a cyclist, walker, runner or maybe a concerned member of the public then help protect others and share swooping magpie attacks: Australia's Magpie Swooping Map 2019!

The Australian Magpie is known for its lovely vocalizations and its aggressive swooping behavior during nesting season from August to October. One particularly aggressive bird, known as the "Windsor Road Monster", was recently shot dead by authorities. Swooping magpies are a particular hazard to cyclists leading to creative DIY deterrence strategies.
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I follow magpie swooping season every year, and every year I'm disappointed at the utter lack of cigars and calling everyone 'chum' among the magpie population. Don't even get me started on the complete absence of dog police.
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Count how many magpie attacks you get today and look up your fortune.
1: for sorrow
2: for joy
3: for a girl and
4 :for a boy
5: for silver
6: for gold
7: for a secret never to be told. Magpie.
(Hi to the other UK seventies kids. That theme song is burned into my brain forever.)
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Clearly this outbreak of swooping is caused by a failure to properly address the magpies. 'Morning Mr Magpie, hows your Mrs?' is the only way to avoid bad luck from above.
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I was sad to hear of the elderly cyclist who was killed in a magpie attack yesterday. Perhaps "particular hazard" doesn't do justice to the seriousness of the problem.
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They should probably make one of these for drop bears.
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As a north american I'd appreciate the same sort of map, but for Red Winged Blackbirds.
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I was a multiple-time victim of the Windsor Road Monster. I hate when animals like sharks or crocs are culled after attacking a human in their own environment, but jeez that magpie was an areshole. He once followed me into the covered footbridge nearby which I thought was particularly unfair.
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I like to call them "reverse magpies" because of the white beak - no relation to the Eurasian corvids, and waaaaaay more dangerous.
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I finally remembered this morning to take a different route to work, thanks to an evil magpie that swoops (and breaks skin) on my regular one.

I added it to the map though, the bastard.

(I appreciated the maps warning not to use foul language. I expect a lot of people do.)
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