Saudi Sisters In Hiding in Istanbul
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Inspired by Rahaf Mohammed, sisters Dua and Dalal fled their family while in Turkey. They've been trying to obtain asylum for months now, all while hiding from Saudi intelligence. (The Saudi consulate in Istanbul is of course where Jamal Kashoggi was killed, so the threat is very real.) The women report being beaten and abused by their family, who tried to marry them off to older men. That Dua is gay caused even more problems. Despite help from a British human rights lawyer and a Saudi activist, they remain at risk.
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I wish I could feel good about their chances of getting refuge in my country, but it's also being run by an abusive (deadbeat) father figure, so I don't.

They and so many other women just want to live their lives and be people, and it's so horrifying yet absurd to think of the vast amounts of state power and violence that is marshalled to keep them from doing that.
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Thanks for sharing. I hope SA can be better one day. And I hope these women find the peace they deserve.
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