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Jacky 0 + Mumi have an excellent cover of NIN's Right Where It Belongs complemented by video [SLYT]
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This is indeed an excellent cover. With Teeth is one of my favoritest NIN albums, and this is worthwhile cover of the closer. Entirely in the spirit of the original only expanding on it. Also, the little shift of focus later in the video was fun and unexpected and wonderful.

Thank you very much for posting!
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I'm in a bit of a rut, so now I know what album I'll listen to.
Thanks for posting this, I'm always feeling Blue (heh..), great cover.
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With this and its appearance in the Miley Cyrus Black Mirror episode, this song really seems to have found a new audience! I heartily approve. I also really love that the Hang seems to be making a name for itself in the percussion world since it's still a really new instrument (with inspiration going back to much older instruments like the steel drum). I was fortunate to see it performed by an opening act for Dead Can Dance a few years ago.
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i've always thought this was one of trent's best ever ballads and super underrated, so i'm happy to see it's having a resurgence. this version seems to be pretty beloved in some of the fan communities but i feel like it's sort of overproduced, personally. the hang sure is cool, i assumed that was some electronic thing, didn't occur to me at all it was a percussion instrument!

my favorite version of this song is the stripped down v2, which is absolutely devastating. with teeth is the most hit or miss NIN studio album for me, but when it hits it really fucking hits.
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The YT algo recommended this to me a few months back, probably because I listen to those hour-plus NIN supermixes while I work, it is haunting and beautiful. Are we posting our favourite NIN covers and remixes? Are we? Are we?

Closer by In This Moment (sometimes I feel it's better than the original)
Closer by Kawehi
Only (EL-P Mix)
The Day The World Went Away (Quiet)
The Day The World Went Away (Still)

And because it's almost as good as Call Me a Hole in its blatant heresy - I Really Like a Hole (NIN vs Carly Rae Jepsen)
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TIL The Hang, fascinating sound
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Any discussion of NIN remakes needs: Hurt sung by Johnny Cash.

Reznor's reaction to the cover
“Having Johnny Cash, one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time, want to cover your song, that’s something that matters to me. It’s not so much what other people think but the honour that this guy felt it was worthy of interpreting.

“He said afterwards it was a song that sounds like one he would have written in the 60s and that’s wonderful.”
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oh i almost forgot: right where it belongs played at the 2006 bridge school benefit with a string quartet. extremely low quality recording, unfortunately, but still magical. i've been waiting for an acoustic/orchestral NIN tour for over a decade now, hopefully we'll get one someday.
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...and regarding the PANArt Hang, you might check out Manu Delago, a Hang wizard with a few talented friends
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...not to mention Björk
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I decided to do a bit of searching to see who it was I saw perform as the opener to the Dead Can Dance concert I mentioned upthread. I found a review of the concert which talked a bit about the opener David Kuckhermann and his use of the handpan and hang instruments here.

The article linked to his webpage which includes video tutorials of how to play!
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Briefly going back to favourite versions of NIN songs, I'm not too proud to admit that having lost track of official releases I know and love The Hand That Feeds primarily via the original BRAT mashup version [the newer mix linked here foregrounds the Temptations where the original was cleanly done but more raw w/vox and guitars to the fore].

There's a ten-minute house-y version of All The Love In The World somewhere out there which is my reference point for that song too.
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