Become a horrible eldritch ocean god. 🐙
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Sea Salt [YouTube][Game Trailer] “I am a dark God; my tendrils writhe beneath the waves, and altars to my magnificence are spread across the land. I seek worship, but, more importantly, I need flesh. When the time comes for my devoted archbishop to sacrifice himself, he refuses and flees behind the paltry defense of the city walls. He has mistaken my call for a request, and now I must claim him — and anyone who stands in my path. I will feast. [ ...] It’s best summarized as Hotline Miami, except I’m an angry sea god instead of a nihilist in a mask. I also gather and manage minions in a way that’s a little like Pikmin, but for goths. I have to navigate through levels seen through a top-down camera, and use my 2D pixel-art armies to visit unfathomable violence on the enemies and obstacles in my way.” [via: Polygon]
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It’s a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible eldritch god.
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Hell yeah, what a great mechanic! Reminds me a bit of Undead Horde.

It's an insta-wishlist for me. I appreciate that "idle" mechanics are making their way into other genres. My favorite game this year is Forager, which is Stardew Valley with more automation. ...and on that note, I just started playing Autonauts today, a(nother) farming/crafting sim with programmable bots. Fuck yeah.
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It has some well designed swarm mechanics and watching yourself grow more powerful as you consume humans is an enjoyable feeling.

Also, not something I thought I would ever type out. Feast and grow friends.
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I read Cass's review this morning and bought immediately. I'm not sure there's ever been a game more up my alley. Going to start playing it right now, in fact, was only on Metafilter because I forgot I bought it because I just woke up from the only three hours of sleep I've gotten in the past 24 hours. +_+

Get to be a dark god now, though! O_O
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Wait, are y'all NOT eldritch ocean gods? Awkward.
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Wow! Rad. Hope it comes to the Switch.
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Wow! Rad. Hope it comes to the Switch.

It is on the Switch. Available to purchase right now. :)
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so, this is a climate change game and we get to roleplay our deep dark mother? hail!
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Relevant to my interests. Thank you!
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They missed a trick by keeping the spooky organ music in a regular 12-tone scale, like something from a suburban Halloween house. Were it truly Lovecraftean, it'd be sickeningly microtonal.
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Metafilter: Watching yourself grow more powerful as you consume humans is an enjoyable feeling.
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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh micro-transactions R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn?
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Squee! (ftagn)
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Started playing last night and it is stupid fun, the swarm rush techniques are fun to start with then get hard as you realize you start facing ranged enemies, and others with a kill zone when they die.

Looking forward to playing it on the big screen for all the weird pixel glory.
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Wait, are y'all NOT eldritch ocean gods? Awkward.

My family are more eldritch sylvan god types, we tend to gather and consume the souls of inland campers, lumber executives, et al. Though one of my cousins does reach her mind-rending tendrils past the fragile membrane of the veil over at a town on the coast, so.
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> My family are more eldritch sylvan god types

You can tell the difference by the plaid and tendency for Sylvan god's to keep their tentacles long and cranial ones up in a man bun.
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Thanks for this!

/eldritch geogod
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Can you play as a goose?
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This appears to be a descendant of the game Infectonator, which is a good thing. I'm surprised that doesn't seem to be mentioned by anyone though, since the influence seems to be VERY clear.
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UK people: two more days!
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> Release date: 22/10/2019

$ date
Tue 22 Oct 2019 00:32:05 BST

> Information This content is not available to purchase in Nintendo eShop yet.

please nintendo
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