Gothtober fun!
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"The Gothtober Countdown Calendarâ„¢ is an annual curated time-release autumnal symposium showcasing 31 works by 31 different contributors. Behind each numbered day waits a new Halloween treat for you!" It's like an Advent calendar except it's spoopy and has videos rather than chocolate. Is thirty one videos not enough? Dig into the archive for sixteen past years of Gothtober!

Most videos contain whimsical Halloween-themed sketches. Most videos only have music and sound effects, Some have speech without captioning. Nearly all videos are between 1 and 2 minutes long. I haven't watched them all yet but so far everything has been family-friendly, scariness approximately at the level of the cool house in the neighborhood that gets the really huge spider web in the front yard but they also leave the porch light on.
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For the cautious clicker, I can confirm this is a friendly cartoon calendar with one little video link per day. The first three are not at all scary... they're under a minute each, and they are:
1. early-60s muzak accompanies autumn postcards with upbeat slogans
2. slightly cryptic stop-motion animation of odd little characters
3. chairs are in a room and time passes
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And they have screenshot previews and a brief little writeup on each video on their blog.
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I'm Gothtober 14th this year!
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I'm so glad to see this getting some recognition! under_petticoat_rule has done a couple of these. He also did "Toxic MasSkeletony" in 2017.
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MetaFilter: chairs are in a room and time passes
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Good post, btw.
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