I legitimately care that I cannot be the head of the Catholic Church now
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Queer✨, the latest installment of Philosophy Tube by Olly Thorn. Thought-provoking, funny, powerful. (Philosophy Tube previously: 1, 2, 3.)
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So it threw me off a little, like, he's done videos about gender identity and stuff before--I did have a bit of a "wait" moment when the reading list for this got announced, but I'm not going to say that I absolutely knew or anything, because I legitimately would have watched a straight guy's video about the philosophy of queerness if it was this guy and he was straight.

But I'm glad he's not, because, well, because I think we should get all the cool kids, clearly.
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The production values of the Breadtube keeps climbing and climbing.

We didn't get great music out of DJT but we're sure as fuck getting a hell of a lot of awesome video essays.
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I just stumbled across Olly Thorn (I guess the YouTube algorithm can find a truffle now and again), and he’s a treasure. Not only informative and funny, but occasionally heartbreaking.
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*Watches entire video*

Good for him!
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offhanded mentions of hate crime murders in the video and olly talking about trans panic-adjacent transmisogyny

in my best most powerful life i would probably be olly thorn even if i dont follow him so im very happy he gets to make a half hour academic coming out video with three complete song performances! i love to feel the joy of another bi man loving himself!
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Steady as she goes, are you steady now?
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Makes me wish I had studied philosophy.
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This is giving me some serious feelings. I'm someone who's be out to myself since my preteens, and out out since my late teens. I've since moved countries and suddenly I'm in a straight passing relationship and closeted again.
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The captions during the closing song made me laugh.

As for the rest, it's interesting to hear ones thoughts reflected by an essayist they respect.
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