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I never realized until now just how much Klingon sounds like people speaking/singing backwards.
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“Let It Go” in the original Klingon.
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"Less interesting than you'd think."
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People reading this thread might be interested in listening to the (at least 3) Latin-language versions of Let it Go available on youtube. One of them is entirely constructed from phrases from Classical-era poetry.
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So, out of curiosity, I found the lyrics on the artist's bandcamp and popped them into Bing's Klingon to English translator. There were a few bits that didn't quite go through, and I messed with some hyphens and spaces to see if it would twig recognition on the translator. Here is the result:

Today night on the mountain of the kim ice white vel Smooth.
to the Empire alone.
Wall form the inhabitants of Dark
and this, I am expert in its wall.

howl like a cold Wind had my blood and howl.
vitam. I was born--but I would have thought--they will try.

the greenest--and when block! It had been several years since it is detained.
the nobles must da'os! be happy--and you!
Don't forget about thy strength! Keep hiding! Thy strength.
but they knew!

concentrate! concentrate!
Never know you hide it again!
concentrate! concentrate!
Closed and locked the door accomplished!
I don't care!
If they do not--their gossip!
the cold Wind the day rush.
I am the Lady of the cold; my I deq but in's own House.

the Remote of my origin and scope
My House seems to become a small old.
Since I was born I can--funeral.
they cannot block--because of my heritage.

It was a great Power--and how I am hungry.
life is tasty, at length, and free than I--taste!
I was born, I am--no Lead following the laws!
I had!

concentrate! concentrate!
the wind--I am heaven and Earth together we weather, too!
concentrate! concentrate!
my "the leader of the mountain!
The new home of the vicher!
the cold Wind the day rush.

oxygen, of massive ground and handle--I have seen weather and Clear--I connect!
again with the song wake up ice and create flap spirits become Varied.
My Fate, and many of the luchiw this is the finish Solid.
I will never be able to get my choice! --fall to a star composed immortal!

concentrate! concentrate!
When on the horizon Sun--the ship that flesh is heir to.
concentrate! concentrate!
I was awarded a new emperor and noisy!
I am on this winter--I new!
the cold Wind the day rush!
I am the Lady of the cold; my I deq but in's own House.
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The chord progression is giving me Star Trek: Enterprise vibes
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From what I can gather with this handy Klingon reference site, I think "concentrate" in gloriouslyincandescent's translation is actually DON'T focus on it.

yI-: You (verb) it/them
buS: concentrate on, focus on, think only about
-Qo': Don't!
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Rachel Bloom pre-Crazy Ex-Girlfriend singing a little "Seasons of Love" in Klingon yt .

Rachel Bloom performed at Worldcon? Rachel Bloom performed at Worldcon!! I think I love her a little bit.
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The Borg never bothered me anyway...
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I_Love_Bananas: For his last album, Weird Al said he wanted to do a "Let It Go" parody as "Make It So"... but someone on the internet both beat him to it and did it better than he could.
"You know what, I was very close to doing a parody called “Make It So” about Star Trek: The Next Generation… but then I checked online, and of course, somebody had done that already. And apparently it had gotten enough attention online to make the Disney legal department ask them to take it down! I couldn’t think of an idea that I liked as much as “Make It So,” so… I gave up!"
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