Show the Dogs!
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"Ever look at Cassius Marcellus Coolidge's seminal chef d'oeuvre Dogs Playing Poker and think, 'this is okay, but wouldn't it be nice if I could see the painting with any of 6.6 quadrillion possible card combinations?' No? Too bad, buddy: because here it is."
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I briefly thought that I might be losing my mind because the "Dogs Playing Poker" painting that I distinctly remembered had them holding their hands. Turns out that Coolidge did several paintings on that theme, plus billiards and sundry other subjects.
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fold pre (kibbles)
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I am astonished that this wasn't posted by cortex. Well done.
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I feel like A Friend In Need is the definitive Dogs Playing Poker painting, but you can't really see all of the dogs' hands (paws?) in that one.

Also, including the discard pile there are occasionally duplicate cards. I assume because the dogs are cheating.
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How do I set it up for the closest thing to a Royal Straight Flush? My grandfather had this painting, or one like it, in his kitchen. Alongside his no-wildcard Royal Straight Flush signed by all the other players. I'd make a poster and give it to the other grandchildren, since both of the original artifacts have been lost in the sands of time.
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Forget cats, this is why the internet was created.

For the title, I would have gone with "The Nine Billion Hands Of Dog."
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I poked around and couldn't figure out who owns the original of "A Friend in Need", which is slightly annoying. I assume it must still exist given the number of high quality scans of it, but it also doesn't seem to be owned by a museum. Brown and Bigelow still exist, so maybe they still own it?
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The first trillion seeds are dull, but there are some gems in the 2nd and 43rd trillions
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Theyre good cards Brent
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Isn't it 6.6 quintillion?
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The discard pile is distinctly off white, come on.
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This is the shit I come to Metafilter for
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"You've got a tell. Your tail wags."
"Our tails are ALWAYS wagging, buddy."
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Here is a picture of myself wearing what is perhaps the best sweater ever.
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If you hit "reset" and enter "1" and "show the dogs," you get cards starting with A, 1, 2 etc of clubs. So the rest is a simple matter of engineering--I leave it to you Sticky Carpet.
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