“devastatingly clear and almost vulgar.”
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“ Under such conditions, the dreamer can clarify what might be too risky to describe in waking life. Beradt recounts the dream of a factory owner, Herr S., who is unable to muster a Nazi salute during a visit from Goebbels. After struggling for half an hour to lift his arm, his backbone breaks.“ How Dreams Change Under Authoritarianism (New Yorker)
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(Previously.) This reminds me to go back and get that Archives download, so thanks!
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I dreamed that Trump lounged around in a giant inflatable kiddie pool in the Oval Office, and that one day I found myself there alone and needed to empty it. Of course it sloshed, and the floors hadn't been swept or vacuumed since Trump had arrived, and there was filth everywhere, and I was never going to be able to get the office clean before they came back. Entirely obvious, of course.

I could write a whole account to Frances Lang, but I know that somebody who once mentioned an interest in dreams has probably heard all the dream stories she can handle.
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