Live in Lesotho
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On December 28, 1980, Hugh Masekela and Miriam Makeba performed before a crowd of 75,000 in Lesotho, an enclaved country entirely within the borders of South Africa, in a historic concert that confronted and unnerved South Africa's white supremacist regime. Masekela and Makeba, long exiled from their home country, would not return home to South Africa for another decade. The initial print-run of the concert record was only a few hundred and soon fell into obscurity; today, nearly 39 years after the historic concert took place, the concert record is being re-issued.
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The Hidden Years music archive project linked from the end of the notes looks pretty interesting.
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Album recording at Maseru Holiday Inn Theatre before a small invited audience on a Tascam 8-track through a Raindirk mini mixer. All mics and monitors used were Electro-Voice. The recording was totally unrehearsed and is a genuine “live” sound.

The stadium concert and the concert on the record are not the same concert.
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The Bandcamp link is fantastic!
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