The Breakfast of Champions!
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The Breakfast of Champions! Drinking too much lately? Menudo (tripe) (not these guys) has been touted as one of the best hangover cures known to mankind (mefi'ers agree). Not to be confused with its kinder gentler cousin Posole, Menudo is part of the canon of authentic Mexican food (what mexicans eat).
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Mmmm! I love tripe in all its guises. The Spanish callos a la madrilena; the Italian trippalunga fiorentina; the French Caen-style dish; the Portuguese dobrada a portuguesa and, best of all, tripas a moda do Porto, which you can only get in Oporto on Saturdays! Now I have to try that Mexican version, which probably draws on all these traditions...but where?

Here's an appropriate Fernando Pessoa poem for you, vacapinta (please disregard the awful English translation)!
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Awesome, this recipe is how my family makes it. As the last link points out, Mexican food can vary from state to state, and it's always depressing when I order something from a Mexican restaurant in New York or Texas and get something completely unexpected.
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After the fact, nothing beats pickles juice.

Sure the mere thought and the initial smell make you got all gooey inside, but dammit, it works.
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Mmmm... Posole... It's definitely one of my favorite comfort foods. My family uses a little red chile and a lot of green. Maybe that's what I need to make for dinner tonight to shake this summer cold.
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It probably has a huge Vitamin B1 content -- better yet get a Anti-Alcohol Pill .. %60,000 percent RDA per pill, one pill per drink .. combined with lots of water youll be fine, works for me! Hand them out like candy at your next party.
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Or perhaps try volcanic rock
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Vocanic rock test results. Search on "volcanic dust".
posted by stbalbach at 11:43 AM on July 17, 2002

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